Accessing your cPanel Control Panel

Note: will be used as sample domain throughout this tutorial. Please change domain of with your domain.

Your cPanel can be accessed at (change with your domain name). We have enabled secure connection mode (https) for every domain hosted on our servers and highly encourage you to use secure connection mode (https) instread of normal unsecure connection (http). Ensure that you use https:// instead of http:// while you access your control panel.

We use self-signed certificate to build secure connection mode. Thus, your browser will not be able to recognize the SSL certificate in use. The following warning message will be shown. Click on the link of "I Understand the Risks" to continue.

Untrusted Connection Warning

After you click on above link, the following button will be shown. Click the button of "Add Exception..." to continue.

Add Exception

Once you confirm, your secure connection to cPanel will be established. The following cPanel login page will be shown. Supply your Username and Password that stated on email you receive from PERDHANAHOST.

Last update: October 23, 2010 21:45 CDT

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